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  It’s Monday. Have you laughed at Mayor de Blasio’s presidential ambitions? He just did at a charity event with reporters.

  Weather: Increasing clouds, with a high just shy of 60. Carry an umbrella if you’re out past 9 p.m.

  Alternate-side parking: In effect until May 27 (Memorial Day).

  If you’re registered to vote in New York City, anyone can find out your political party affiliation and home address — down to the apartment number — with just a few clicks online.

  These kinds of voter registration details have always been public information and have long been used by campaigns. But they may have never been so easy to find.

  The city’s Board of Elections published the data of the city’s 4.6 million voters in February to little fanfare. It was reported by WNYC last week.

  No other jurisdiction in New York has published this type of information online, according to a state Board of Election official who spoke to my colleague Vivian Wang.

  [Read the full article about the voter information.]

  Is it easy to look someone up?

  Finding a specific person is not so easy. The information is contained in PDFs organized by county, Assembly district number and party affiliation. There is no function to search them all.

  But just like with Facebook or Airbnb, people who click around enough can find friends, neighbors and co-workers.

  I already have.

  I looked up a neighbor and discovered that the person is a party member. I learned that two co-workers are not in any party.

  Why is the data online?

  A new state law requires the elections board to publish voters’ names, addresses and party affiliation in time for candidates to collect signatures from voters, which they must do to appear on the ballot.

  Previously, the board put this information in books. But the new law also shortened the time the board had to publish the material — so it went online.

  Some people, like domestic violence victims, can ask to shield their information from these types of databases. And critics like Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause, a nonpartisan organization focused on holding government accountable, say that just because the information is public, it doesn’t mean it should be made available in this manner.

  Big data, no big deal?

  Political consultants have relied on voter data for years: That’s why you’re mailed campaign literature.

  There’s some public information the board didn’t publish online. Obviously, whom you voted for remains private. But whether you voted at all is public, and that part of your voter history is available upon request.

  The political consultant Jerry Skurnik has been buying voter data from the city’s Board of Elections since 1988, then adding information and selling that enhanced version to campaigns.

  On the board’s website, the public-facing data is spread across more than 500 PDFs. This makes it cumbersome for most gadflies and cash-strapped agitators to use for large projects.

  Of course, it’s New York City, where Democrats heavily outnumber Republicans. “Wow, you’re going to find out your history teacher at Columbia is a Democrat,” Mr. Skurnik said.

L train slowdown: First weekend disruption

  The first two nights of the partial shutdown of the L train to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy were challenging for riders, but they offered reason for tentative optimism.

  The crowds? Large, but not mutinous. The annoyance levels? Present, but predictable.

  Work is expected to halt by 5 a.m. Monday, but how it affects the morning rush remains an open question.

  [Read more of our coverage.]

A push for a two-way toll on the Verrazzano

  The Times’s Corey Kilgannon reports:

  For years, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge’s toll — now and the highest bridge toll in the country — has infuriated New York City drivers.

  The only consolation was that it was a one-way charge, from Brooklyn to Staten Island.

  But that might change, according to elected officials who gathered in Staten Island on Sunday in support of federal legislation requiring the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to implement two-way tolling on the bridge.

  This would essentially split the fare (.24 with an E-ZPass) into a .50 toll for each direction (.12 for E-ZPass customers).

  Among the commuters who would then have to pay a fare to Brooklyn would be Manhattan-bound drivers who seek out the bridge’s no-toll passage instead of using the tolled Hudson River crossings from New Jersey, Representative Jerrold Nadler and other officials said.

  A change would help raise up to million for the M.T.A., they said.

From The Times

  Big money entered the debate over race and admissions at Stuyvesant High School.

  ‘Anna Delvey,’ fake heiress: Here are seven bizarre highlights from her trial.

  Sweetgreen, the eco-conscious salad chain, said it would once again accept legal tender, after a backlash to its “cashless” stores.

  State Democrats found an unexpected foe on campaign finance overhaul: Their union allies.

  At Yemeni-American bodegas, a new political force took on The New York Post and Trump.

  Airbnb backlash: Oasis of Shelter Island dreads becoming a Hamptons hotbed.

  [Want more news from New York and around the region? Check out our full coverage.]

  The mini crossword: Here is today’s puzzle.

  Double parking: Will businesses be hurt if the city cracks down on it? [Wall Street Journal]

  Bronx lawmakers who oppose a proposed opioid clinic in Kingsbridge say the neighborhood does not have a drug problem. Statistics show otherwise. [The City]

  The Rockettes are trying to diversify. [New York Post]

  A conversation about black librarianship with Carla D. Hayden, the librarian of Congress, and Tracy K. Smith, the United States poet laureate, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in Manhattan. 6:30 p.m. [Free]

  Bronx ArtSpace screens “At Home in Utopia,” a documentary about a housing experiment for working-class Jewish immigrants in the 1920s. 6:30 p.m. []

  The WNYC host Rebecca Carroll interviews Crissle West, co-host of “The Read” podcast, at the Greene Space in Manhattan. 7 p.m. []

  — Elisha Brown

  Events are subject to change, so double-check before heading out. For more events, see the going-out guides from The Times’s culture pages.

And finally: Her ‘Prince Charming’ turned out to be a hit man

  In 1979, a young woman from the Bronx met a man who changed her life. He said his name was Willie Sanchez, but later — when it was too late — the woman learned the man was Robert Young.

  Mr. Young had been incarcerated for murder when he escaped from a state hospital for the criminally insane. The police later caught him in St. Louis and brought him back to New York State to stand trial for escaping. While in a courthouse waiting to be processed, he escaped again.

  After that second escape, he met the woman, Blanche Wright. She was a 20-year-old single mother who had survived years of sexual abuse. Initially, she thought Mr. Young was her “Prince Charming.”

  Months later, during a spree that lasted 71 days, Mr. Young essentially held Ms. Wright captive and forced her to be an accomplice in contract killings throughout New York State. The police called them “Bonnie and Clyde.”

  It ended when Mr. Young was killed in a shootout in Westchester County. Ms. Wright survived and signed a confession, admitting to her crimes.

  [Read the full story of the woman who wound up with a contract killer.]

  While in prison, away from the men who had abused her, Ms. Wright said she was “freer than I had ever been in my entire life.” She told my colleague Michael Wilson, “I began to see I could be a change for me and for others if I put my mind to it.”

  In prison, Ms. Wright worked with the Family Violence Program and Puppies Behind Bars, which trained guide dogs to help the blind. In 2009, she was paroled. She now makes regular trips to Brooklyn to work with female inmates.

  Mr. Wilson said he came across Ms. Wright’s tale while searching newspaper clips for another crime story. He saw her name again in an article about inmates and puppies, and wondered if it was the same woman. So, he asked her for an interview.

  It’s Monday —?talk to someone you think you know.

Metropolitan Diary: Old school

  Dear Diary:

  I was riding uptown on the Lexington Avenue line to Grand Central to catch the evening train home.

  At Fulton Street, a man got on and sat down next to me. I recognized his face immediately. We were both reading The Post, and he kept glancing at me sideways. He clearly recognized me, too, but he couldn’t figure out how or why.

  I decided to keep mum, and he kept sneaking glances my way.

  He got off at 33rd Street. As the doors were closing, I said loud enough for him to hear: “Notre Dame. Phys Ed. Freshman year!”

  As the train headed north, he pointed a finger toward me. He had a huge grin on his face.

  — Tim Cormany

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132期彩图码报【莫】【云】【抬】【手】【止】【住】【莫】【風】【的】【話】【頭】,【繼】【續】【說】【道】:“【我】【知】【道】【你】【想】【勸】【我】【什】【么】,【可】【我】【對】【你】【講】**,【就】【是】【希】【望】【你】【能】【明】【白】,【你】【不】【愿】【對】**【做】【的】【事】【情】,【我】【也】【不】【愿】【對】【翡】【翡】【做】。” 【莫】【風】【聽】【不】【得】【莫】【云】【這】【么】【親】【熱】【的】【稱】【呼】【一】【個】【暗】【諜】,【她】【撇】【撇】【嘴】,【不】【悅】【的】【冷】【笑】【道】:“【大】【哥】【稱】【呼】【的】【好】【親】【熱】……【她】【與】**【怎】【么】【能】【比】?【她】【是】……” 【她】【的】【話】【還】【沒】【有】【說】【完】,【就】【在】

“【呼】……” 【緩】【緩】【吐】【出】【一】【口】【濁】【氣】,【睜】【開】【眼】【睛】。 【唐】【星】【鋒】【總】【算】【起】【了】【身】。 【眼】【下】【重】【傷】【之】【軀】,【外】【傷】【倒】【是】【其】【次】,【最】【糟】【糕】【的】【是】【全】【身】【經】【脈】【受】【損】,【花】【了】【兩】【個】【時】【辰】,【也】【僅】【僅】【恢】【復】【了】【不】【足】【一】【成】。 【看】【來】,【短】【時】【間】【內】【不】【可】【能】【痊】【愈】,【靈】【氣】【還】【是】【無】【法】【調】【動】,【也】【就】【無】【法】【控】【制】【石】【鎖】【空】【間】,【放】【出】【老】【牛】,【不】【過】【再】【調】【養】【一】【兩】【天】【應】【該】【就】【可】【以】【勉】【強】【做】【到】。

【可】【一】【旦】【想】【到】【要】【割】【舍】【這】【段】【感】【情】,【從】【此】【與】【宇】【文】【述】【學】【涇】【渭】【分】【明】,【葉】【隨】【風】【便】【覺】【痛】【苦】【得】【好】【似】【窒】【息】【一】【般】。【處】【在】【懵】【懵】【懂】【懂】【時】【的】【她】,【無】【法】【給】【這】【種】【感】【情】【下】【一】【個】【明】【確】【的】【定】【義】,【她】【只】【知】【道】【自】【己】【很】【不】【舍】,【很】【不】【愿】,【不】【想】【就】【這】【么】【作】【別】,【不】【想】【就】【這】【么】【毫】【無】【瓜】【葛】。 【誰】【也】【不】【明】【白】【她】【此】【刻】【的】【糾】【結】【與】【無】【助】,【像】【是】【孤】【獨】【地】【墜】【入】【了】【深】【海】,【無】【人】【知】【曉】。 【她】【緊】【緊】【地】

  “【只】【可】【惜】,【你】【如】【今】【這】【份】【破】【爛】【的】【身】【體】,【已】【經】【無】【法】【承】【受】【太】【多】【的】【外】【力】【了】。” 【魅】【影】【遺】【憾】【地】【嘆】【了】【口】【氣】,“【所】【以】【啊】,【我】【唯】【有】【讓】【著】【你】【了】。” 【這】【樣】【的】【話】【語】,【魅】【影】【不】【是】【第】【一】【次】【說】【了】。 【慕】【雪】【臉】【色】【冷】【冷】【的】,【沒】【有】【吭】【聲】。 【魅】【影】【習】【慣】【了】【她】【的】【冷】【漠】,【沒】【有】【表】【現】【出】【絲】【毫】【的】【介】【意】,【他】【笑】【道】,“【你】【今】【天】【受】【委】【屈】【了】【吧】?” 【慕】【雪】【本】【來】【臉】【色】【是】【冷】132期彩图码报【說】【時】【遲】【那】【時】【快】,【只】【見】【得】【那】【個】【白】【色】【舞】【衣】【的】【身】【影】【已】【經】【到】【了】【燕】【皇】【面】【前】。 【德】【妃】【和】【淑】【妃】【都】【被】【這】【一】【驚】【變】【嚇】【得】【愣】【住】【了】,【兩】【人】【都】【坐】【在】【原】【位】【驚】【呼】【出】【聲】,【但】【是】【見】【女】【刺】【客】【武】【藝】【高】【強】,【都】【不】【敢】【挪】【動】【腳】【步】【上】【前】【護】【駕】,【因】【為】【這】【等】【于】【自】【尋】【死】【路】。 【幸】【好】【燕】【皇】【當】【年】【也】【是】【征】【戰】【沙】【場】【的】【良】【兵】【勇】【將】,【不】【是】【什】【么】【手】【無】【縛】【雞】【之】【力】【的】【文】【弱】【人】。 【當】【即】【將】【手】【邊】【一】【個】【赤】

  “【啊】?”【莫】【如】【露】【出】【了】【不】【可】【思】【議】【的】【表】【情】,“【楊】【勇】【跟】【我】【說】【他】【們】【到】【地】【里】【摘】【了】【許】【多】【菜】【給】【他】【帶】【回】【來】,【我】【還】【以】【為】【那】【是】【他】【們】【自】【家】【的】【吶】!” “【還】【有】【施】【小】【國】【給】【楊】【勇】【的】【那】【兩】【包】【中】【華】【煙】,【以】【及】【他】【帶】【回】【來】【的】【那】【十】【來】【塊】【走】【油】【肉】,【都】【是】【我】【們】【的】。【我】【們】【花】【錢】【在】【給】【大】【國】【操】【辦】【后】【事】,【他】【們】【不】【過】【是】【借】【花】【獻】【佛】,【拿】【著】【別】【人】【的】【好】【處】【為】【自】【己】【謀】【福】【利】【而】【已】。【根】【本】【不】【用】【去】

  【蘇】【星】【月】【將】【兩】【只】【小】【瓷】【瓶】【仔】【細】【封】【好】【了】【口】,【盡】【皆】【收】【回】【到】【乾】【坤】【囊】【中】。【便】【牽】【了】【明】【雙】【一】【起】,【施】【展】【身】【法】,【一】【掠】【而】【至】【碧】【波】【池】【正】【中】,【御】【風】【懸】【留】【在】【半】【空】【之】【中】。 【碧】【波】【池】【四】【周】,【荷】【香】【清】【遠】。 【遠】【處】【青】【山】【連】【綿】,【在】【碧】【波】【池】【之】【外】,【成】【合】【圍】【之】【勢】,【使】【得】【這】【一】【方】【靜】【湖】【猶】【顯】【清】【幽】。 【蘇】【星】【月】【嘆】【道】:“【果】【然】【亦】【是】【一】【處】【風】【景】【秀】【麗】【之】【地】,【不】【輸】【月】【前】【走】【過】【的】【那】【幾】

  【一】【夜】【之】【間】,【學】【校】【官】【網】【上】【人】【氣】【榜】【姬】【少】【天】【他】【們】【的】【和】【平】【精】【英】【校】【隊】【就】【反】【超】【了】【籃】【球】【校】【隊】。 “MD!【刷】【人】【氣】【了】,【他】【們】【肯】【定】【作】【弊】【刷】【人】【氣】【了】!” 【第】【二】【天】【早】【上】【上】【學】【路】【上】,【常】【遠】【收】【到】【消】【息】【后】,【在】【籃】【球】【校】【隊】【群】【里】【罵】【罵】【咧】【咧】,【籃】【球】【隊】【也】【有】【幾】【個】【不】【知】【情】【的】【附】【和】【著】【他】,【還】【說】【要】【找】【校】【社】【團】【辦】【嚴】【查】。 【有】【人】【把】【從】【空】【間】【看】【到】【的】【直】【播】【間】【截】【圖】【發】【到】【群】【里】,

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