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  A good night's sleep can be hard to come by if you're dealing with stress, staring at a blue screen before going to bed, or over-caffeinating too late in the day. But, if your sleep environment isn't up to snuff, you're already putting yourself at a disadvantage. That's why prioritizing your comfort should be a key step in establishing a healthy sleep bedtime routine. And, while much has been made over choosing the right mattress for your sleep habits, finding the perfect pillow is just as important.

  Of course, there's a wide range of factors to consider when you're pillow-shopping: What position do you sleep in? Do you run hot or cold? Are you allergic to feathers or goose down? Everyone's individual preferences will differ slightly, but there's more than likely a pillow that meets your expectations for what a pillow should be. It's just a matter of wading through all of your options, which seem to expand every day.

  Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best pillows available online at the moment, featuring their more technical specs and input from enthusiastic internet reviewers, plus our recommendations for whose needs they'll likely suit best.

  With two layers of supportive foam and an antibacterial, cooling bamboo case, Cosy House's pillow was made to relieve some of the greatest sleeping woes, namely overheating and uncomfortable pressure points. The relatively firm construction helps the pillow maintain its shape, but the shredded memory foam fill in its bottommost layer is removable, which allows users to customize its density. "This is one heavy pillow and I kept removing the filling until getting it just right," one reviewer wrote, adding that, when filled to capacity, the pillow may be a little too big and firm for some users' liking.

  For others, it was the pillow's breathable and cooling properties that sold them: "The most comfortable pillow I have ever had. Keeps me cool, I sleep so soundly," one wrote. "I didn't sweat as much as I usually do so I would say the cooling/moisture wicking worked," another noted. You can add two bamboo pillow cases to your order for an additional .95.

  Another pillow with adjustable density, Coop's "Original" pillow is completely customizable and reshapable. Its fill is entirely made up of a shredded blend of microfiber and memory foam, meaning users can empty and refill the whole body of the pillow, allowing them to fluff it and mash it to fit their exact sleeping needs. Although Coop states that this pillow is probably best suited for side-sleepers or those who like a firmer pillow, reviewers vouch for its versatility. "I usually sleep on my side but I sometimes sleep on my back. The pillow is great either way," one wrote.

  Another pointed out that there might be a learning curve with the pillow's adjustability: "It took a few weeks to get used to the pillow and get it the right height, but I love it! It's improved my neck health." Luckily, with a 100-day return policy, you have time to tweak the fill level to your liking. This pillow also comes with a washable bamboo cover that you can use as a regular pillow case. If you're interested but still on the fence, Coop offers a quiz for customers to find the right type of pillow for their preferences.

  This is yet another pillow with adjustable filling, but only in its outer layer -- the "inner" pillow is a sturdy memory foam core that maintains the pillow's shape and structure. Its exterior is made of quilted foam that you can spot-clean and air-dry. In addition to its "two pillows in one" design and supportive gusset, Nectar's pillow's main selling point is its memory foam fill. It conforms to the user's neck and head to provide support without caving in, striking a balance that not all memory foam pillows can claim.

  CNET's Sharon Profis tested the pillow for 10 days and, after removing just a handful of filling, found it to be a comfortable option for her side-sleeping position. The pillow, she noted, retains its structure and height, maintaining neck support throughout the night. Only time will tell if the foam remains uncompressed (we'll be back with an update).

  Casper's pillow boasts "adaptive support," meaning it's both cushy and springy, able to "adapt" to various customers' preferences. Where the exterior is soft, its firm inner core and gusseted construction helps maintain its structure. The product of 60 test-runs on various fills, this pillow is sort of the platonic ideal in terms of density: not too firm and not too fluffy. And reviewers happily attest to its Goldilocks-esque appeal. "You can feel the quality in the weight of it and as soon as I laid down I was in love. Support and comfort that seems to wrap you up in its arms," one wrote.

  Another reviewer wondered, "how one pillow can rule them all," possibly in a nod toward the fact that Casper designed this pillow with the understanding that all people shift in their sleep, whether they identify as a side-sleeper or back-sleeper. In other words, this pillow is in the running for overall crowd-pleaser -- one downside may be the fact that you have to buy pillow cases separately.

  Instead of foam, microfiber shavings, or even down, this pillow's fill is a one-piece polymer grid, which goes on to affect pretty much every aspect of the sleep experience. This pillow keeps users' heads cool and prevents against neck pain thanks to said sturdy, weight-distributing grid, which is designed to "cradle" the user's head, sparing them from painful pressure points. With all that in mind, this pillow is definitely on the firmer (and heavier) side, but judging by the reviews, the density is well worth it. (That said, if you like a pillow that you can fluff and mold to an exact shape, this probably isn't the pillow for you.)

  "I was surprised how heavy it is but who cares. As soon as my head hit the pillow I knew this was for me. First time in a long time my neck was not in pain," one reviewer wrote, echoing another relieved user who wrote: "You know that feeling when you climb into your bed and you back relaxes? This does the same thing for my neck." If there was one consistent gripe about the Purple pillow, it's that it could be slightly thicker. And, although this pillow comes with a zip cover, Purple recommends purchasing separate pillow cases for it, as well.

  Available in soft, medium and firm densities, this pillow is filled with superfine microfiber that emulates the best qualities of a regular down pillow -- just without the allergies. For added allergy protection, you can purchase Parachute's washable, cotton pillow protector. Fluffy, soft and pleasantly warm (due to its down-like filling), this pillow has been praised by side-, stomach- and back-sleepers alike for its lightweight feel and down-like "squishiness." Like a down-filled pillow, Parachute's pillow can be fluffed into a comfortable shape for each sleep position.

  "Soft and comfortable," one reviewer wrote. "I cannot believe it's not down." One even compared it to sleeping on a cloud, while another said it quickly and easily fluffs back up after a night's sleep. If you've been considering making the switch from feathers to synthetic fills, Parachute's down alternative may convert you.

  Snowe's down alternative offering is also hypoallergenic and ultra-plush, is available in three density options and comes with a washable sateen cover. According to this enthusiastic reviewer, the fill is beyond convincing in how it replicates the feel of regular down: "The alternative down used in these pillows is like magic. Maximum compression but they always puff back up. Auto-fluffing pillows!"

  Snowe's site helpfully notes that stomach-sleepers should opt for the softer version, while side-sleepers will likely enjoy something firmer. And if you're unsure which density to select, go firmer rather than softer. Where many reviewers appreciated the height and density of this pillow, others noted that they may be on the thinner side: "Great texture, but could be a little more fully stuffed/firmer. Would prefer to use one, but find myself using two."

  Not only is this pillow vegan, allergen-free and available in a variety of sizes and densities, it also has the longest trial period (365 days) of any product on this list. So, if you take a while to adjust to a change or just believe that a pillow must be "broken in" to know its true strengths, you have plenty of time to make your final decision. And, if you aren't a firm pillow fanatic, that extra-long trial period may come in handy.

  According to some, there's a chance that this pillow may be a little too firm: "I went back and forth between plush and the next firmer style. The plush is more than firm enough. If your [sic] on the fence, you might want to take that into consideration." Others said that their pillows softened up after a few weeks of use, while self-described side-sleepers said they took to the pillow's firmness right away. You can purchase a pack of two corresponding pillow cases separately, for .

  Sold on Amazon in packs of two with a machine-washable cover, DreamNorth's pillows are easily the most cost-effective choice on this list. That said, their breathability, down-free fluffiness and supportive gel fiber fill could keep them from feeling "cheap." Described as "ultra-soft," these pillows are probably not the right choice if you're looking for something particularly firm, but their softness almost makes their ability to retain their shape more impressive.

  "They came vacuum sealed and squished flat but as soon as you take it out of the package they fluff up like marshmallows and stay that way. I've only noticed some slight, very slight flattening in the 4 months I've had them," one reviewer wrote. Others noted the pillows' fluffiness but added that they didn't have to sacrifice any amount of support, either: "I highly recommend these pillows if you are [prone] to waking up with neck aches or headaches, because the pillow conforms nicely to give you the support you need while being soft enough to make you comfortable."

  It's right there in the name. This 9 pillow filled with high-quality, sustainably sourced goose down and waterfowl feathers is undoubtedly luxurious. Where the goose down offers fluff, the waterfowl feathers provide support -- and both materials are hypoallergenic and Responsible Down Standard-certified. This combination means the pillows are made with all sleeping positions in mind, which some customers have put to the test. "I love this pillow," one reviewer wrote. "It helps me sleep in any position, on my back, stomach or side."

  Providing that you like a down pillow and the squishiness that tends to accompany that variety of fill (much like what many higher-end hotels outfit their beds with), this pillow could very well worth the price (the fact that it comes with a washable cotton damask case helps somewhat). Or, as one reviewer put it: "Honestly, if you are debating on paying for an expensive pillow, just answer this question: which is more expensive, a chiropractor, masseuse, and a quarterly doctor visit for a monthly prescription medication to treat tension headaches, or this pillow?"

翡翠台-香港天下彩【籠】【罩】【著】【機】【械】【使】【部】【隊】【的】【血】【紅】【色】【力】【場】【能】【量】【護】【罩】【前】【正】【站】【著】【四】【個】【機】【械】【使】,【他】【們】【便】【是】【那】【些】【沒】【有】【去】【追】【擊】【涂】【武】【世】【的】【機】【械】【使】,【在】【他】【們】【的】【眼】【里】,【涂】【武】【世】【其】【實】【并】【不】【重】【要】,【畢】【竟】【他】【們】【的】【目】【的】【是】【找】【到】【小】【狼】,【并】【且】【從】【小】【狼】【的】【身】【上】【獲】【得】【源】【生】【種】【的】【草】【木】【精】【華】,【而】【不】【是】【去】【將】【涂】【武】【世】【斬】【盡】【殺】【絕】。 【要】【知】【道】【只】【要】【能】【夠】【得】【到】【源】【生】【種】【的】【草】【木】【精】【華】,【他】【們】【的】【實】【力】【就】【有】【可】

【瑞】【波】【在】【得】【知】【布】【萊】【克】【此】【行】【的】【經】【歷】【后】,【心】【中】【止】【不】【住】【地】【后】【怕】。 【她】【感】【覺】【自】【己】【這】【個】【弟】【弟】【招】【惹】【麻】【煩】【的】【本】【事】【太】【大】【了】,【簡】【直】【不】【比】【父】【親】【差】【上】【多】【少】。 【不】【過】【好】【在】【他】【平】【平】【安】【安】【的】【回】【來】【了】,【要】【不】【然】 【沒】【有】【不】【然】,【她】【甚】【至】【都】【不】【敢】【想】【象】【失】【去】【布】【萊】【克】【的】【場】【景】。 “【好】【了】,【既】【然】【現】【在】【沒】【了】【要】【緊】【的】【事】【情】,【我】【們】【帶】【上】【兩】【個】【孩】【子】【去】【吃】【飯】【吧】,

“【阿】【蠻】!【阿】【蠻】!【你】【這】【丫】【頭】【怎】【的】【來】【了】【第】【一】【天】【就】【給】【我】【睡】【懶】【覺】?!【趕】【緊】【給】【我】【起】【來】【倒】【豆】【渣】!” 【胖】【大】【嬸】【大】【嗓】【門】【從】【院】【子】【外】【傳】【來】,【震】【得】【破】【舊】【的】【房】【檐】【都】【抖】【落】【了】【一】【層】【灰】,【更】【別】【提】【一】【夜】【都】【沒】【睡】【好】【的】【零】【了】。 【零】【迷】【迷】【糊】【糊】【睜】【開】【眼】【朝】【外】【頭】【瞥】【了】【一】【眼】,【明】【明】【還】【烏】【漆】【漆】【一】【片】【就】【要】【起】【來】【干】【活】,【讓】【不】【讓】【人】【活】【了】。 【奈】【何】【寄】【人】【籬】【下】,【再】【加】【上】【胖】【大】【嬸】【的】【大】

  “【這】【人】【倒】【也】【真】【是】【了】【得】!” 【殿】【內】【和】【穆】【非】【覺】【激】【斗】【中】【的】【周】【進】,【心】【中】【也】【暗】【自】【凜】【然】【吃】【驚】。 【兩】【人】【速】【度】【相】【差】【無】【幾】,【短】【短】【幾】【個】【呼】【吸】【間】,【交】【鋒】【已】【過】【百】【招】,【卻】【是】【旗】【鼓】【相】【當】,【一】【時】【半】【刻】【之】【間】,【誰】【也】【奈】【何】【不】【了】【誰】。 【周】【進】“【化】【意】【生】【罡】”【而】【入】【陽】【極】【第】【三】【境】,【罡】【氣】【有】【別】【于】【常】,【又】【身】【具】【當】【今】【八】【大】【絕】【世】【劍】【訣】【之】【一】【的】【歸】【云】【劍】,【再】【兼】【凝】【氣】【化】【意】【的】【神】【妙】【手】翡翠台-香港天下彩【戀】【愛】【的】【時】【候】,【生】【活】【中】【所】【有】【的】【一】【切】【都】【是】【美】【好】【的】,【當】【然】【兩】【個】【人】【的】【感】【情】【能】【夠】【和】【諧】【平】【穩】【了】,【可】【是】【想】【要】【在】【一】【起】【一】【生】【一】【世】,【還】【是】【要】【經】【歷】【生】【活】【中】【的】【很】【多】【是】【是】【非】【非】【與】【苦】【惱】【挫】【折】【的】。【最】【癡】【情】【的】【五】【幾】【大】【星】【座】,【他】【們】【的】【感】【情】【經】【得】【起】【一】【切】【考】【驗】!

  “【你】【怎】【么】【也】【跟】【著】【來】【了】?” 【溯】【風】【將】【柒】【月】【穩】【穩】【的】【接】【住】,【伸】【手】【拂】【去】【她】【額】【前】【的】【碎】【發】,【語】【氣】【十】【分】【寵】【溺】【的】【問】【道】。 【雖】【然】【說】【知】【道】【鳳】【沁】【兒】【的】【身】【份】【是】【曦】【月】【教】【教】【主】,【也】【料】【到】【了】【她】【今】【天】【會】【來】,【但】【是】【沒】【想】【到】【柒】【月】【居】【然】【也】【跟】【來】【了】。 “【人】【家】【這】【不】【是】【想】【你】【了】【嘛】…” 【只】【見】【柒】【月】【紅】【著】【臉】【將】【自】【己】【的】【頭】【使】【勁】【兒】【往】【溯】【風】【懷】【里】【拱】,【就】【連】【說】【話】【的】【語】【氣】【都】【有】【些】

  【安】【平】【別】【院】【的】【秦】【管】【家】,【自】【前】【幾】【日】【被】【大】【夫】【人】【帶】【著】【一】【幫】【子】【白】【家】【的】【家】【丁】【給】【拿】【住】【之】【后】,【便】【在】【當】【夜】【被】【大】【夫】【人】【又】【給】【帶】【回】【了】【白】【家】。 【秦】【管】【家】【雖】【然】【只】【是】【個】【老】【管】【家】,【但】【卻】【是】【不】【好】【放】【在】【大】【夫】【人】【的】【致】【寧】【院】【里】,【于】【是】【大】【夫】【人】【當】【時】【便】【差】【人】【將】【秦】【管】【家】【交】【到】【了】【景】【信】【處】,【暫】【時】【看】【管】【起】【來】。 【但】【大】【夫】【人】【也】【好】,【景】【信】【也】【罷】,【卻】【是】【忘】【記】【了】【秦】【管】【家】【多】【年】【前】【亦】【是】【在】【白】【家】

  【雪】【梧】【妙】【境】。 【這】【是】【大】【晉】【神】【國】【皇】【族】【司】【馬】【氏】【經】【營】【的】【一】【處】【秘】【境】。 【其】【地】【位】【于】【極】【北】【雪】【原】,【卻】【又】【和】【雪】【原】【蠻】【族】【的】【領】【地】【徹】【底】【隔】【絕】,【乃】【群】【山】【環】【繞】【中】【的】【一】【處】【絕】【妙】【之】【地】。 【這】【里】【常】【年】【積】【雪】,【山】【川】【河】【岳】【麗】【光】【四】【射】,【猶】【如】【一】【片】【白】【茫】【茫】【的】【琉】【璃】【世】【界】。 【無】【數】【異】【種】【雪】【梧】【桐】【矗】【立】【在】【雪】【原】【中】,【通】【體】【雪】【白】【的】【雪】【梧】【桐】【光】【潔】【耀】【眼】,【白】【度】【驚】【人】,【通】【體】【更】【是】【散】【發】

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